Why Do I Need A Divorce Lawyer?

The end of a marriage is a difficult time for everyone involved, including both partners and any children you might have. Divorce proceedings are time-consuming, complicated, and potentially very costly. Protracted property division and child custody disputes can quickly drain both financial and emotional resources. And of course the emotional trauma inherent to any major life change only makes the divorce process all the more difficult.

Hiring divorce attorneys who understand the complexities of family law in  Los Angeles won’t ease your pain, but it will help you work out a separation agreement, including child custody, child support, and property division issues, more quickly and fairly, and help you move on to the next stage of your life as quickly and easily as possible.

A divorce lawyer will represent your interests either in mediation or in a family law court. They will fight to ensure that your separation agreement gives you your fair share of property division and child custody rights. If you are ordered to pay child support, a divorce lawyer will ensure that it is affordable and reasonable. If you require child support, a Divorce Attorney will help ensure that you receive enough to help raise your child. In either case, a divorce lawyer will make sure that your interests are represented throughout the divorce proceedings.

Divorce proceedings take at least six months in the cities of Los Angeles and Santa Monica, and require multiple filings of complicated legal paperwork. A qualified divorce lawyer can help you understand and complete these forms, minimizing the disruptions to your life. They can also file the completed forms for you, saving you a trip to the courthouse. The State of California also requires that a third party act as a mediator between divorcing parties, even in an amicable divorce proceeding. So why not hire someone who understand the complexities of the family law system to make your experience as painless as possible?

Property division is a difficult and acrimonious part of divorce proceedings. People can become very attached to property, and emotions can run very high when discussing who gets what. The State of California and City of Los Angeles also have rules about property division that can be difficult to understand and navigate without qualified divorce attorneys present. Divorce attorneys ensure that separation agreements are negotiated reasonably, and that the best interests of all parties are represented.

Child Custody and child support are also very serious aspects of divorce proceedings. Both parties want what is best for the children, but they may not agree on what best means. Divorce attorneys have experience with child custody and child support issues, and can use that experience to help you determine what is best for your children. A divorce lawyer can also fight to make sure that child custody and child support agreements are fair for the parents, because ending your marriage shouldn’t have to mean losing your kids.

How a Divorce Lawyer Can Help Make Divorce Proceedings Easier

Legally, a divorce is the dissolution of a marriage contract. Because the original contract entailed shared property and child-raising responsibilities, those issues must be resolved before the marriage can be legally dissolved. Shared assets such as savings, homes, and other property must be divided. If children are involved, their care, support, and education must be provided for. Resolving all of theses issue requires a great deal of negotiation and compromise. Because of the emotional nature of divorce proceedings, it can be very helpful to include a third party to negotiate for you. A divorce attorney can negotiate issues of property division, child custody and child support with your best interests in mind, but without the emotional tension of negotiating a separation agreement yourself.

The agreements reached in a divorce proceeding are known as a Separation Agreement. They spell out each partner’s rights and responsibilities with regard to property division, child custody, and child support. The separation agreement is a legal contract with the binding force of law behind it. Even if a marriage is ending amicably, a legal contract is not the sort of thing you want to negotiate yourself. Experienced and qualified divorce attorneys understand the legal language and implications of various agreements. They can help clearly explain what each clause requires of you and entitles you to in plain language before you sign it.

If you and your partner want to negotiate a separation agreement out of court, the Atighechi Law Firm can act as a consulting attorney. This means that the divorce attorney doesn’t represent either clients interests specifically, but rather acts as a mediator in the divorce proceedings, helping to negotiate a fair and balanced separation agreement for both partners. Even if a separation agreement is settled out of court, the contract must still be filed with the Los Angeles or Beverly Hills court, and the qualified divorce attorneys at the Atighechi Law Firm can make sure the contract is sound and properly filed with the family law court system.

Santa Monica Courthouse

Santa Monica Courthouse

The Atighechi Law Firm has served hundreds of clients across Los Angeles, including Santa Monica, and has resolved divorce proceedings and separation agreements of all kinds. We have the experience to make the dissolution of your marriage as fair, fast, and pain free as possible. Whether you want to negotiate a separation agreement in mediation, or have to take the divorce proceedings to family court, we can make sure that your interests are fairly represented, and the final separation agreement is fair, sound, and legal.

While the end of a marriage is never easy, the Atighechi Law Firm has years of experience with many different divorce proceedings to ensure that you can move on to the next stage of your life as quickly and painlessly as possible, secure in the knowledge that your property, child custody, and child support issues are resolved with your best interests in mind.

A Divorce Attorney Can Help You With Child Custody and Child Support

Divorce proceedings are difficult for married couples, and even more so if they have children. Children can complicate divorce proceedings because both partners want what’s best for their children, but they seldom agree on what that is. Even if there are issues of abuse or neglect, child custody and child support right and requirements are complicated. Qualified and experienced divorce attorneys can help you navigate the difficult and confusing laws surrounding child support and child custody.

Family law courts no longer favor the mother or the father in determining child custody. Family law courts generally grant joint legal and physical child custody unless either parent can show that it is in the child’s best interest to remain permanently with one parent or the other. Without representation by a qualified divorce lawyer, you may be unable to prove your fitness to a family law judge.

If you are a father and your name is not on your child’s birth certificate because he or she was born out of wedlock, family law courts will require you to prove your paternity in order to grant you child custody. A qualified and experienced Los Angeles Divorce Attorney like the Atighechi Law Firm can help you with the testing and the paperwork involved in proving paternity and winning child custody.

Depending on how much a parent earns or what child custody agreements are reached as part of the separation agreement, one parent may be required to pay child support and/or spousal support. Divorce proceedings in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills are governed by the California family law child support algorithm. This formula uses net annual earnings from both parents, and child custody times to determine which partner owes child support and how much he or she owes. In special circumstances, these child support determinations can be challenged and altered. Having a qualified and experienced divorce lawyer from the Atighechi Law Firm can help you establish a fair and reasonable child support agreement.

All too often, divorced parents fail to live up to their child support obligations. When this happens, a qualified and experienced family law attorney from the Atighechi Law Firm can help you bring the situation to the courts attention. Potential penalties include the delinquent parent being found in contempt of court, which may result in fines or jail time. We can help you in contacting and working with child support enforcement agencies in order to keep child support payments regular. We can also help you establish payment plans with your employer or your partner’s employer to ensure regular, consistent payments of child support.

All parties involved in divorce proceedings want what is best for any children. But because people can disagree on what is best, hiring the qualified and experienced divorce attorneys at the Atighechi Law Firm can help you negotiate a settlement that is fair for you and your partner, and beneficial for your children. Don’t let the already-difficult process of divorce proceedings become even worse for you and your children.

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