Jeffries Credits

What are Jeffries Credits? Jeffries Credits, in short, is reimbursement for the mortgage payment on a home the other spouse has sole possession of after separation. A case called In Re Marriage of Jeffries held that payments made on a mortgage by the spouse who does not have exclusive possession of the home is entitled…

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Epstein Credits v. Watts Charges

Epstein Credits: Epstein credits are when post separation a spouse pays for community property debt and is entitled to reimbursements.  For example, if you are paying for credit card debt that the community incurred you are entitled to receive half in reimbursements of those payments because it is a community obligation.    Your separate property funds…

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Collaborative Divorce v. “Giving In” to “Not Fight”

I was tempted to write this post because of so many initial consultations I have with divorce clients where  one party says “yeah, but I just want to give all of x,y and z because ” I don’t want to fight”” Usually all of which they want to give is grossly disproportionate to what the other side…

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Disclosures are Mandatory

Family Code Section 2104 provides that all parties must exchange the preliminary declaration of disclosures. This includes the Fl-150 which is the Income and Expense Declaration, the Schedule of Assets and Debts which lists absolutely all asset and debts that you collectively possess or own with the other spouse. Even if you know of the…


InterState Jurisdiction, Move-Away Cases and Moving the Case to Another Jurisdiction Entirely

InterState Jurisdiction cases are very complex.  So complex that not too many lawyers know the answer on how to change jurisdiction from State A to State B in child custody matters.  This post ties into move-away cases.  A move away case as described in another post on this site is very common and entails arguing…