Divorce Decree

Are you Ready for A Divorce? If you are asking yourself that question then the answer is NO.

I consult with so many potential clients that tell me they are contemplating divorce.  Some have even gone as far as traveling to the courthouse to pull up the divorce papers and have them ready to fill out.  But, they just can’t seem to do it.  Put pen to paper is difficult.  I tell those…


Child Custody Battle/How to Reach Better Parenting Results with the Other Parent

As a predominate child custody lawyer, I have been through the whirlwind of heated child custody disputes. I sense the frustration my clients are experiencing as the primary parent who is desperately trying to get the other side to co-parent and establish a better relationship with their child or the other parent who feels like…



Transmutation issues arise with the parties residence more than any other asset in a divorce. California Law provides that when you transfer title to your spouse during marriage, you no longer have separate property interest in the residence because you have now “gifted” it to the spouse with what is called a “transmutation.” However, any…


The Honorable Judge Hank Goldberg of the Los Angeles Superior Court Signs Kim K Divorce Judgment

Kim Kardashian is finally divorced. The divorce judgment was signed by the Honorable Judge Hank Goldberg of the Los Angeles Superior Court. Although, Kris Humphries wanted an annulment, based on the allegation the divorce was a fraud and a big publicity stunt, the couple were divorced. There is a difference between an annulment and a…


Common Family Law Myths

Debunking Family Law Myths: Myth #1: Prenuptial Agreements are Difficult to Enforce This is not true. Prenuptial agreements are generally favored. As long as the financials were disclosed in proper form and the requirements associated with drafting a proper prenuptial agreement, they are enforceable in court at a time of divorce. Myth #2: Prenuptial Agreements…

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Attorney’s Fees: How to be awarded attorney’s fees from spouse or co-parent

Should you seek attorney’s fees from a spouse or co-parent an experienced family law firm is necessary to ensure the award from the court. Attorney’s Fees may be granted under the following code sections: Family Code Section 270: Family Code Section 270 provides that an award of attorney’s fees may be provided if one party…

Detailed Law

Divorce, Legal Separation and Annulment

I always have clients asking me the following questions:  Can I get an annulment?  And, what is the difference between a Legal Separation and Divorce. Annulments: Well, first not everyone qualifies for an annulment.  An annulment is a legal process to wipe out the marriage as if it never happened.  The marriage license becomes void/annulled.…

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Abduction Orders

If you believe that the parent of your child will be taking the child out of state or country without your consent then you must file for an abduction order.  This could be done on an emergency hearing. In this case, the court will order the child to stay in the county and should the…

Child Rights For Grandparents Lawyer Los Angeles Ca

GrandParent’s Rights

Grandparent’s do have rights in California to visit with their grandchildren, this is especially true during Child Custody or Child Visitation disputes between the children’s parents.  Family Law Code Section 3100 governs grandparents rights.  It is especially important that if you had a pre-existing bond with your grandchildren that you file for custody or visitation…