Fathers:  The Atighechi Law Group aggressively protects the relationship  you have, and are entitled to have, with your children.  The bond between father and child is JUST as important mother and child.  Plus, child support must be fair and reasonable.  We have represented a number of fathers who keep coming back because our goal when it comes to child support is to get the mom’s working, earning as much as they should be, getting you (fathers) with your children as much as possible and getting child support DOWN.  The amount of monthly payments could add up between spousal and child support so we work with you, your financial situation and determine a strategy to get that number down.  A lot of the mothers could be working more or earning more to support themselves and their children.  The Atighechi Law Group does not believe in allowing mothers to use child support to subsidize an income that they should be, and could be, earning on their own.  As much as we represent single mothers, we represent fathers as well.  Everyone’s situation is unique and we do the best we can to advocate for our clients regardless of the circumstances.  


The Atighechi Law Group represents a number of Father’s in obtaining child custody or child support and we pursue it aggressively.

1.  Child Born Out of Wedlock

If a child is born out of wedlock and the father’s name is not on the birth certificate it is necessary for the father to establish paternity of his child.   The focus of paternity is to determine the DNA of the father and identify him as the child’s parent.  As a parent you have a natural right to be with and connect with your child.  The Atighechi Law Group will help you through the paternity process and ensure you have custodial or visitation time with your child.  We will file a Petition to establish paternity and then a Request for Order to obtain the father custodial time with the child.

2.  Custody and Visitation

Once a father receives custodial time with the child, the father also has rights to obtain child support as well.  The process is the same for both parents.  However, the court’s do want to see that as a father who is seeking time with their child that you have been a consistent and active parent in the child’s life.  If the father, or even mother, has not been in the child’s life and has come and gone then the court will most likely not give you a significant amount of child visitation time.  This makes sense.  The Father needs to establish trust with the child, get to know his child before having overnight visitation or significant visitation with the child.

There are two forms of Custody, as explained in this separate blog:  There is physical custody and legal custody.

Whether you receive joint physical and joint legal custody depends very much on the facts of your case and every case is different.  It is important to maintain consistency, and be an involved parent.   Sometimes a father will feel as though the mother is alienating them from their child.  This is common and the Atighechi Law Group has handled many of those cases and received visitation time for the father.   There are certain steps you must take in order to bring the evidence into court to show that you would like more visitation with your child but the Mother has been alienating your child from you.

3.  Child Support

If you are a Father who is seeking child support from the Mother then this standard calculation can be used to determine the amount of money owed.  The Dissomaster which is the court certified software program that calculates child support can be used to factor in the amount of income both parents make, along with the amount of time each parent spends with the child to determine the amount of child support owed to the parent.