Mothers: We want to get you child support. The reason why I feel so humbled to be given the gift to do what I do is because of the connections and relationships I’ve built with mothers over time. Single moms who are so strong, pulling it through to make ends meet, working hard and the Father’s, who have abandoned their own children, keep giving them the struggle. Yes, I might not have children but I can empathize with you. I want to make your situation better, whether it is getting you more child support, modifying custody and visitation, obtaining orders for the other side to go to co-parenting classes and/or anger management. I do what I do because of all the mom’s out there that I have had the pleasure of meeting over time.

However, the mothers rights are really no different than that of the fathers rights in the court of law.  The court does not favor one parent over the other but makes determinations as to how much child support one must pay using the dissomaster which factors in the amount of time a child spends with the parent and the income of each parent. For child custody matters, court determine who would provide the most stability for the child and ensure the child’s needs are met.  In a divorce, both parties are usually granted temporary joint legal and physical custody until one party shows that this order is not in the best interest of the child.  In these modern times, courts do not favor a mother over a father.