The Atighechi Law Group aggressively pursues or defends Abduction/No Relocation Orders as they are not taken lightly and are very serious matters.

Sometimes, a parent will come to me after the child is already gone.  In that instance, I have to get the District Attorney and  Police involved immediately and go to court on a No Notice Ex Parte Matter.
Obtaining an abduction order with the court is granted based on a threat a parent has given to take the child out of state or out of county.  That abduction order can then be registered with the police department so they are on notice that an abduction could possibly take place.  The Atighechi Law Group does not take this matter lightly and will aggressively pursue anyone who has illegally relocated with the minor child.
As a notice to all parents who think an abduction may take place, a word of advice is to file your petition with the court  immediately and serve the other side.  The Summons will enforce what are called Temporary Restraining Orders and one of which is that the parent cannot relocate with the child.  If a parent has already left BEFORE you filed the Petition and had him/her served with the Summons then the courts cannot find the party in violation of any laws and the chances of an order for the parent to relocate back to CA immediately is harder.
If you believe that your child is in threat of an abduction or out of state relocation without your consent, please call us immediately.