Most of my practice entails handling Paternity issues.   I’ve even gone so far as getting a non-biological parent, parental rights.  Not guardianship or conservatorship but parental rights.  This man is now legally the child’s father without the process of adoption.

All child custody paternity cases are sealed from the public in order to prevent the minor child from irreparable harm. No child wants to dig up legal papers and learn that their parents were disputing paternity.  If a child is born out of wedlock then you must obtain a paternity judgment and file a Petition to Establish Paternity.  This does not mean that both parties must obtain a DNA test, this means that at some point there has to be a stipulation as to paternity or if the father does not know that this his child then a DNA test could be ordered.

Child Custody then proceeds as it would any other way.  The court’s evaluate the matter as what would be in the “child’s best interest.”  There are two kinds of child custody:  Legal and Physical which is explained more by clicking here.

The Atighechi Law Group is very experienced in Child Custody.  Maryam Atighechi built her Beverly Hills practice starting from child custody cases in Los Angeles which then expanded to Divorces to become an exclusive family law firm in Beverly Hills.  If you have a child custody matter in Los Angeles we are confident that we are the best to handle your matter.  Child Custody is an area of law that Maryam Atighechi takes seriously and will fight aggressively for to protect your child’s rights.  Please contact our office to discuss your case. Consultations are free.